Why vote with VSSPWC?

VSSPWC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of Prince William County citizen volunteers who are well-informed and have been actively involved in the county's growth-related issues. We are dedicated to helping elect the very best, most dedicated and trustworthy anti-sprawl candidates for our Board of Supervisors.

Give Prince William County a Smart Growth Majority
on the Board of Supervisors

Now that it is clear that a majority of the voters in the county support smart growth, many of the candidates have been using it as a campaign slogan, whether or not they are genuinely committed to smart growth principles. So VSS conducted a thorough selection process to help voters cut through the campaign noise and elect the right people:

• VSSPWC sent each candidate an in-depth survey asking specific questions on growth, education, transportation, the environment, fiscal management, and governance.

• VSSPWC conducted interviews with each of the candidates to further clarify their positions on issues and determine their level of committment.

• VSSPWC reviewed the responses, previous voting records, and political activities of all candidates, as well as their level of involvement in their communities.

It's our Last Chance
To save Prince William County from Developers.

By voting with VSSPWC, you can help Prince William elect
a Board of Supervisors that will stand up to developers
and begin planning for the future that WE, THE PEOPLE envision.

Authorized by Voters to Stop Sprawl Prince William County VA-01-025