Questions for 2007

1. Of primary importance is that elected officials acknowledge that they are to serve citizens, not special interests. Will you support the concept that citizens, not developers and others who seek financial gain, come first and will you follow this concept in all your official duties?

2. Will you seek to implement additional land use and transportation planning measures to achieve an affordable and sustainable residential growth rate?

3. Will you uphold the planning and zoning requirements of the 2003 Comp Plan, and in approving the forthcoming 2008 Comp Plan will you oppose increases in the County’s total residential build-out number, and oppose increases in residential densities for any zoning category except for specific transit-oriented developments?

4. Will you oppose approval of any requested development and rezoning application in which the LOS for any category of service specified in the Comprehensive Plan would fall to “F” or its equivalent if the proposed development is approved?

5. Will you support increasing the proffer guidelines for new residential rezonings to the levels recommended by the county planning staff? (From $31,719 per house to $51,113)

6. Will you seek to implement revitalization incentives for older neighborhoods, including increased zoning enforcement?

7. Will you implement procedures and provide staff to fully enforce zoning regulations and proffer commitments?

8. Will you seek to implement a County-wide plan to make parks and open space for active and passive recreation resources, including an extensive network of multi-purpose trails, readily available to all residents?

9. Will you preserve the Prince William County Rural Crescent, as described in the 2003 Prince William County Comprehensive Plan?

10. Will you commit to keeping public facilities, that would primarily serve the development area, out of the Rural Crescent?

11. Will you support implementation of a Purchase of Developments Rights program?

12. Will you oppose conversions of land planned or zoned for commercial uses to residential uses?

13. Will you oppose increasing residential units in land zoned for mixed use?

14. Will you support policies to preclude special tax relief for out-of-county businesses that locate in Prince William County?

15. Will you allocate County transportation investments to projects that improve transportation for existing residents (such as grade-separated interchanges, signals, sidewalks, and turn lanes) rather than roads that promote development access to undeveloped land?

16. Will you oppose VDOT transportation projects that increase development pressures, such as the Western Transportation Corridor, and the proposed western alignment of the Tri-County Parkway?

17. Will you work to reduce over-crowding of our public schools and use of classroom trailers, as an essential ingredient to quality education, maintaining property values and retaining the overall quality of life in Prince William County?

18. Will you seek to implement a plan to protect the Occoquan Watershed and Reservoir through better land use and septic field construction and maintenance, rather than public works construction?

19. Will you continue to adopt policies and ordinances to protect our historic and environmental resources including trees, water recharge areas, flood plains, surface and ground water, steep slopes and wildlife?

20. Will you work with Prince William’s neighboring jurisdictions to promote smart growth on a regional basis? (With smart growth defined as the EPA 10 Principles of Smart Growth)

21. Will you oppose the Dominion Power proposal to build 120-foot electric towers through Prince William County?

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